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XD Instructor-Led Sessions

Advanced Prototyping

Communicate your intent more quickly and powerfully with XD

A prototype is worth 1,000 meetings; it's all in the details. Adding micro-interactions to your prototype can increase delight and realism.

In this session, you’ll learn how to add motion to your design with auto-animate and hover states, as well as leveraging anchor links, and triggers like drag and scrollable groups to create micro-interactions that feel just like the real product. Additionally, Adobe XD is the only tool on the market that allows you to design voice based experiences, so if this is an area of interest, we’ve got you covered!

XD as your All-In-One Solution

Transform your design process

Gone are the days where you need to use different tools for each stage of the design process. Design, prototyping and share your designs remotely, leverage our best in class and integrated Creative Cloud ecosystem and explore top plugins from directly within the Adobe XD application. From initial wireframes to developer handoff, we’ll help you convey your ideas and tell the story behind it, all in one place. Plus, we’ll give you tips on how to organize your files and artboards to streamline your team’s workflow.

Migrating from Sketch to XD

Move projects, workflows and entire design systems to XD

Interested in leveraging Adobe XD’s powerful prototyping features to enhance your Sketch design files? We’ll walk through best practices for easily importing Sketch files, and converting Sketch Libraries into a Design System for use in Adobe XD.

Intro to UX Design

Fail Fast to Succeed Sooner: Design, Prototype, and Share with Adobe XD

Learn how to design, prototype, and share with Adobe XD. The sooner you test and learn, the sooner you can iterate and achieve success. Starting with high-fidelity designs, you’ll apply industry best practices, and use powerful user interface kits to speed up your design, leverage prototype mode to create rich interactive prototypes and show design intent. Get feedback in real time on your prototypes and iterate quickly, all while leveraging industry standard tools in the Creative Cloud ecosystem.

The Why and How of Design Systems

Scaling Design Across Your Organization with Adobe XD

Looking for practical insights to advance and scale design in your organization? Let’s discuss challenges, benefits, and considerations for creating or evolving a Design System. We’ll explore how to deliver consistent experiences faster with a design system, by managing typography, colors, components, interactive states, and sharing and iterating with your team.e

Prototype and Collaborate Remotely

Design is better together, even when you’re apart.

Whether you’re pitching for new business or sharing designs of your team, prototyping helps teams communicate intent and test their hypotheses. Building realistic prototypes helps remove barriers for a user and yields richer results.

We’ll show you how to transform a static design into a high fidelity prototype you can use to collaborate, present and share. Learn how to use XD’s collaboration capabilities to work together with stakeholders across your team, generate developer links, and present to clients.

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